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Lucky Leash Ryobi Fan Holder

Lucky Leash Ryobi Fan Holder

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In the dog sports world it is very common for people to hand the Ryobi fan on the ends of their dogs kennel. This allows the fan to blow directly on the dog and keep them comfortable between runs. Lucky Leash has designed a Biothane holder that allows just this. Our holder comes in two different styles. One with rings to go over pins on the kennel and one with snaps that clip onto wire kennels. The holder also comes in eighteen different colors and can be made with two different colors if you request. Call for more information.

  • Return Policy

    We guarantee all our products against defects in materials or workmanship for 6 months from the date of purchase. Our guarantee does not cover acts of God or damage caused from misuse or abuse. Any item can be returned to LuckyLeash Co for inspection and if it is found the failure is due to the materials or workmanship LuckyLeash will replace the item at no charge. This guarantee does not cover shipping to LuckyLeash or back to the end user and will need to be paid for at the time of return shipment.

  • Care Instructions

    All Biothane items are very easy to keep clean. Normally a little soapy water and a paper towel will clean most dirt and stains. For stubborn dirt you can use a Magic Eraser and a little water.

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