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Lucky No 7 Leash

Lucky No 7 Leash

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Lucky Leash has delivered its new baby. We have gone thru several versions of our Multi-Leash and have come up with a truly innovative leash. Our Lucky No 7 Leash converts into 9 different leashes. You can have a four foot leash, a six foot leash, or an eight foot leash. You can hookup one clip to a collar and another to a harness to have a Dual Control Leash. There are two different hands free options, by either making a Cross Body Leash or a Waist Leash. These options allow you to have both hands free to carry items or use both your hands get in your purse, car, or house while still having control of your dog. If you want to walk two dogs at the same time you can by converting it into a Dual Control Leash. You can even use the Lucky No 7 Leash as a Supervised Tether. Lucky Leash makes these Biothane leashes in either ½ inch wide, or 5/8 inch wide Biothane strapping in eighteen different colors or any combination of five different colors. Stronger and more pliable than leather, your Lucky Leash Biothane leash features polyester webbing with a PVC coating, making it not only lightweight but easy to clean. With a 1000 lb. break strength per inch of width, it is unsurpassed in durability. Coupled with our plated steel hardware, and assembly process, your leash is ideal for all your dogs needs. Contact us for more information.

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  • Return Policy

    We guarantee all our products against defects in materials or workmanship for 6 months from the date of purchase. Our guarantee does not cover acts of God or damage caused from misuse or abuse. Any item can be returned to LuckyLeash Co for inspection and if it is found the failure is due to the materials or workmanship LuckyLeash will replace the item at no charge. This guarantee does not cover shipping to LuckyLeash or back to the end user and will need to be paid for at the time of return shipment.

  • Care Instructions

    All Biothane items are very easy to keep clean. Normally a little soapy water and a paper towel will clean most dirt and stains. For stubborn dirt you can use a Magic Eraser and a little water.

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