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The Lucky Leash Co. Story

I have always been a dog lover and always have multiple dogs in my life. My favorite animals have always been dogs, but I have crazy stories about a couple Dolphins in Mexico and a Wolf named Fiona at Wolf Park in Indiana. I currently have six dogs at home, along with four cats. Most are rescues.


My wife owns a dog training business, and I am always making things for her and helping where I can. Her clients would have problems with leashes and collars and ask me to fix them so they could get their dogs home safely. I would splice them back together or replace what needed replacing. Several people asked why I was not making leashes as my repairs were better than the original leashes. I started doing my research and made a few trial leashes. Everyone loved them and I had a tough time getting all the staff and clients to give me their feedback because someone would want to buy the leash rather than let someone else handle it. The more I made the more were getting asked for and I was having a tough time keeping up. Over the course of a few months, it was obvious a business was soon to be. I really did not know this was going to grow into a business, but Lucky Leash was born in 2021.


Lucky Leash started out making only leashes. I was making short “Traffic Leads” all the way up to 30 Foot Longlines. Most of what I was making were 6-foot basic leashes in eighteen different colors. I started getting requests for a “multi-purpose” leash capable of being converted into several different leashes. Those requests and a few preliminary designs have turned into my Lucky No 7 Leash. It converts into eight different leashes and can be made in up to five assorted colors to match outfits or a favorite collar. The more things I make the more things’ people asked me to make for them. One idea morphs into new and different items. Along with a multitude of different leashes I am now making collars, toys, and many accessories. Biothane also makes a round version of their straps in a one-fourth Inch diameter rope, so they will also hit my online store soon.


I am enormously proud of the craftsmanship in the items I am making. I use only the best hardware to assemble my items. All flat items are held together with Chicago screws and their threads are coated with a high strength orange thread locker. The round Biothane rope is held together with Kevlar thread and clamped using a brass sleeve. I make sure all my hardware is rated for over three hundred pounds of breaking strength and believe You should fail before the Biothane, or hardware fails.


Thanks for taking to time to read my About page, and I hope you get as much enjoyment from my gear as I get in making it.


Have a blessed day!

Kirby Hills

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